"Working with Kiki allowed me to understand the obstacles that were in the way of me connecting to my best self."

"After 6 weeks, I'm feeling empowered, confident, and secure around food

(& myself)."

"I'm eating whatever, whenever I want - and I've lost weight!"


Before I met Kiki and started the Mind Beauty Body course, I knew there was something off with my relationship to food.


I was struggling to follow the diet that I wanted to follow and eat all the things I thought I “should” eat. I felt tired and stressed out and not in tune with my own body.


Kiki helped me to connect with my gut and trust myself. Being in the course, I was able to go on this journey with other amazing and supportive women. Kiki was always very responsive to all questions and so thorough and helpful in her responses! 


I’m excited to continue this journey and keep discovering my best life!

Solvej P.