Stress-Less & Live-More in 2021

An Online Workshop For Your Higher Self


Friday January 15th @ 12pm EST

Are you ready to step into the person you REALLY want to be this year? Letting go of all the limiting beliefs & playing small that hasn't served you in 2020?

This live seminar will teach you the exact framework to free yourself from living your life by "shoulds" and how to intuitively understand your wants, needs & dreams.

Whether you are overly stressed, stress-eat, or just feel like you're not on YOUR path - this interactive workshop will lift the fog that's buffering the REAL you, and give you practical tools to get there.

*Must attend LIVE for a chance to win the sponsorship goodie bag!*

White Grass

The Power of Choice

Learn why total & complete choice is fundamental in all aspects of life.

DKY that science now proves you can change a chemically imbalanced brain back to normal with cognitive choice without drugs? 

White Branch

The  Truth Behind "Manifestation"

There's more to it than journal prompts and repeating affirmations.

Working to find and "turn-around" your unique non-value based beliefs is key to the process.

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About Your Host

Kiki Athanas,

Conscious Eating Coach & Oracle Guide

Kiki well and truly understands what it means to be highly stressed, feeling lost, and using food as an escape.

Since turning around how she thinks about food, health & relationships, she has experienced a new level of baseline peace & happiness in her gut - and in her life!

Kiki has coached hundreds of women on her structured process to reclaim the innate boundaries of the body, understand your "intuitive" wants, and ultimately reconnect with your core self through the gut.


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