True Body-Love Reflections From a Travel & Fashion Influencer

Jules may appear to be Instagram-perfection - but she didn't always FEEL that way. While we may get used to seeing the gorgeous, blonde, fashionista stars on the gram, if we really get to know the person behind the handle - we start to see them as beautifully human.

At least, that was my experience with Jules AKA @bejulesed. While YES she is just as stunning, fashionable, and superstar-like in real life...she's also a young woman who deals with the same insecurities as many of the rest of us - living in a world where keeping up with appearances can sometimes feel like a full-time job!

Here's her incredibly honest & inspiring thoughts to a few questions I posed to her when we last connected...

1. How do you use fashion to transform the way you feel about yourself (for the better)?

Fashion is one of my favourite ways to express myself. When I am not feeling 100% and put on a cute outfit I feel a lot better.

2. Have you ever struggled with body image insecurities?

Yes, I’ve struggled with body image insecurities. I’ve learned to pull myself out of it by loving my body and what it’s done for me. It keeps me healthy and alive and that’s the most important thing.

3. What do you wish your younger self knew about truly loving yourself from the inside-out?

I wish my younger self knew that everything is already working out the best for me, and that treating my body with love and respect is the best way to find confidence.

Also to stop comparing myself to others!

4. What words of affirmation do you want to share with us today, that made an impact in your life?

Any life that you’ve ever dreamed of having exists! If you ever feel like you want something you’re feeling that for a reason and it can be yours!