The Power in Restorative Yoga

Give the body what it needs and DESERVES.

Yoga is often thought of as a "workout" by it's millennial audiences, straying far from it's intended purposes of meditation and centering. Restorative yoga is a removal from aerobic motion to a static style and passive stretching. It allows for increased flexibility and heat to gradually build in the body.

Bottom line, it's easy, meditative, and my favorite type of yoga!

The ease and simplicity of a restorative practice is at it's core SO ME! As I continue my intuitive eating journey, I've also incorporated intuitive movement into my life. There are plenty of times when I skip the sweat, keep my heart rate low, and focus on the tension in my body. Where am I holding my stress? How should I stretch my body to move that energy through it? How can I ease my way into release rather than forcing it out? The answer is...yes, you're spot on...restorative yoga.

But don't be fooled, it's not just laying down on your bedroom floor and getting your feet above your head (that's not to say that isn't an awesome stretch). It's important to create a mental and physical space to get to the core of what your body needs. I encourage you to create a restorative space to accompany your restorative practice. Yazmin Harris, an expert speaker of the Mind Body Beauty Program specializes in movement and highly recommends a sacred space designed for your flow. A restorative yoga space should be private and personal. Include in it scents you might enjoy, sage for cleansing, or incense that relaxes you. Find a block or bolster to support your basic meditative posture or pose, my favourite is the Claudette Yoga Bolster from Love My Mat which comes in a variety of patterns and colours to fit your style and mood.

Don't be afraid to customize your space, it's meant to make you feel comfortable.

A strong restorative practice gets to the root of my body's needs. Often times this can lead to a deep stretch and inevitably a release in the areas where I need it most. I typically turn to Love My Mat's Arianne Therapy Bag for relief. It's handmade with wheat berries that can be heated or cooled to soothe sore muscles. Use promo code KIKI10 to receive 10% off your next purchase!

My practice and my work is teaching women to be intuitive with their bodies that includes rest of the mind AND the muscles. Get your bag, bolster, and break for a moment to practice some restorative yoga and touch in with your body's needs.