Rest, Authenticity & Pasta - Keys To Health + Happiness from Alexandra Baird @ RIPE LIFE

I asked fellow Torontonian (& total wellness superstar entrepreneur!) Alexandra Baird, founder of RIPE LIFE to get super raw & real as it relates to loving herself - what she shared may surprise you...

1. As a holistic nutritionist, what's one way you love caring for the inner workings of your body BEYOND focusing on nutrition?

I don’t think we talk about this enough but sleep / rest are so incredibly important.

I really try to listen to what my body is asking me for. So I try and make rest and sleep the priority when I feel tired or run down. When I was younger I would just push push push, go go go!

I would get sick all the time, as my body had no time to recuperate and I wouldn’t prioritize rest/breaks.

I used to stay up as late as possible, I was always out with friends or watching TV super late.

I was addicted to continually stimulating my body and mind.

Overstimulation is a massive issue in our day and age, we are constantly inundated with distractions and content.

It’s important to create time for nothing! Allowing your body and mind to simply just rest.

Unplugging from technology and devices is a daily must.

Now I usually go to bed at the same time- right when I’m getting tired, I definitely have matured to the point where I won’t cave into people saying “oh stay out or just one more drink” or “let’s watch this last episode” I just honour myself and go to bed.

2. What are some thoughts that make you feel most present in your body? What about actions/forms of movement?

I really love to just do standing breathing and stretching. I don’t overthink it, this isn’t necessarily yoga or meditation I just like to stand and look at something beautiful or even close my eyes and stretch my body in the morning as I take deep breath‘s. It’s a way to calm down and to connect with your body. I don’t find that you need to be guided always in breathing series, meditation or even movement...sometimes if you just listen to your body you’ll know exactly what your body needs and how you should be moving it.

I also love going for walks that’s probably my favourite form of exercise and movement, I love going for walks with friends I love going for walks alone, I love listening to music on walks. Often I wont listen to anything and I just let the sounds surround me while I walk.

Especially when I’m in nature I find it incredibly nourishing and something that I look forward to. The human connection to nature is something that is healing beyond what we completely understand...there’s something very primordial within that connection.

3. Have you ever struggled with low self-esteem as it relates to your physical body, and what did you do to turn it around?

Absolutely, I think that in the world that we live in there is so much pressure on people to look a certain way on social media and in person. We have so many unrealistic ideals of what we should look like, forced on us from society. It’s hard not to get sucked into that on a daily basis. I have struggled with low self-esteem I have had eating disorders from binge eating to over exercising to you-name-it when I was younger.

What I try to do when I feel bad about the way that I look or how my body naturally is, I honestly just try to nourish myself as well as possible in those times.

I don’t believe in restricting certain foods, I believe how we nourish ourselves is how we love ourselves. If I’m feeling down, I’ll try and move my body, drink more water/broth and shift my mindset to try and create a positive thought.

This most of the time will make me feel better, as it always gives me more energy and makes me feel more confident!

I always feel amazing after a healthy meal and after moving my body.