How to Master the Art of Multitasking.

Updated: Mar 3

Where are my multitaskers at?!?! Holla!!!

Yep, I’m lookin’ at you - the ones who say, ‘But I have to, it’s the only way to get it all done, plus, I rock at multitasking.’

I kindly challenge you to honestly think about your multitasking moments. Are you really capable of doing more than one thing at a time? Is anyone? Are you truly focused, present; are you really doing anything 100% well, or just getting by on half-assed quality? Can you even remember what you’ve accomplished in those moments?

I know a woman who has said that she doesn’t feel like she has enough time in the day to get to it all. So she rushes around yet can’t even remember if she had returned so and so’s phone call, or if she had taken the memo down the hall to the art teacher. I do know that her job demands a lot from her and at a fast pace; but like this, is she really doing any of this efficiently? Is she really saving time?

Another woman has shared with me that she combines her eating occasions with podcasts & audiobooks because ‘It feels like I won’t have enough time for it otherwise.’

I honestly don’t believe that multitasking is possible, more importantly, I don’t think it’s necessary.

I mean, there really is enough time (and enough of everything for that matter).

There is always enough time to separate our eating occasions from living our lives.

Lack Mentality / Limiting Beliefs…

We’ve been taught that there isn’t enough, (aka lack mentality) and that we have to hustle. So here’s where I encourage you to recognise the old, limiting beliefs you’ve absorbed and have held onto over the years. I encourage you, Lovey to step out of the stress inducing, lack mentality hustle and step into a mindset of abundance. Here you are open to limitlessness!

Hurry up, Buttercup..!

I can remember as a child, my grandmother and mom constantly telling me to, ‘Hurry up, move faster, keep up.’

I had absolutely adopted their ‘Non-Valued Based beliefs’ that told me that ‘I’m always behind.’ ‘I’m too slow,' and 'Don’t keep people waiting.’

Throughout my life, I’ve felt that invisible pressure of needing to hurry up and finish ‘it’ before I was rushed to the next thing.

A constant anxiousness dwelled inside of me - 'Do more; do it faster; be important.'

With reflection, I see how this bled into most everything I did. I’ve actually rushed through savasanas, meditations and moments of what could have been ultimate magic just to get ‘it’ finished and move on to the next thing on my ‘never-ending list.’