How to Master the Art of Multitasking.

Updated: Mar 3

Where are my multitaskers at?!?! Holla!!!

Yep, I’m lookin’ at you - the ones who say, ‘But I have to, it’s the only way to get it all done, plus, I rock at multitasking.’

I kindly challenge you to honestly think about your multitasking moments. Are you really capable of doing more than one thing at a time? Is anyone? Are you truly focused, present; are you really doing anything 100% well, or just getting by on half-assed quality? Can you even remember what you’ve accomplished in those moments?

I know a woman who has said that she doesn’t feel like she has enough time in the day to get to it all. So she rushes around yet can’t even remember if she had returned so and so’s phone call, or if she had taken the memo down the hall to the art teacher. I do know that her job demands a lot from her and at a fast pace; but like this, is she really doing any of this efficiently? Is she really saving time?

Another woman has shared with me that she combines her eating occasions with podcasts & audiobooks because ‘It feels like I won’t have enough time for it otherwise.’

I honestly don’t believe that multitasking is possible, more importantly, I don’t think it’s necessary.

I mean, there really is enough time (and enough of everything for that matter).

There is always enough time to separate our eating occasions from living our lives.

Lack Mentality / Limiting Beliefs…

We’ve been taught that there isn’t enough, (aka lack mentality) and that we have to hustle. So here’s where I encourage you to recognise the old, limiting beliefs you’ve absorbed and have held onto over the years. I encourage you, Lovey to step out of the stress inducing, lack mentality hustle and step into a mindset of abundance. Here you are open to limitlessness!

Hurry up, Buttercup..!

I can remember as a child, my grandmother and mom constantly telling me to, ‘Hurry up, move faster, keep up.’

I had absolutely adopted their ‘Non-Valued Based beliefs’ that told me that ‘I’m always behind.’ ‘I’m too slow,' and 'Don’t keep people waiting.’

Throughout my life, I’ve felt that invisible pressure of needing to hurry up and finish ‘it’ before I was rushed to the next thing.

A constant anxiousness dwelled inside of me - 'Do more; do it faster; be important.'

With reflection, I see how this bled into most everything I did. I’ve actually rushed through savasanas, meditations and moments of what could have been ultimate magic just to get ‘it’ finished and move on to the next thing on my ‘never-ending list.’

Whaaat!?! That sounds so crazy. Rushing through presence and meditation - two things that are important to me, and I zipped through them as fast as possible!

‘I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date. No time to say, ‘Hello.’ ‘Goodbye.’ ‘I’m late - I’m late - I’m late.’

‘White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland’

I remember one time running into a person I knew at a shop downtown. It was before my move to France, and I was rushing through my list(s) to get things in order and buttoned up. I still replay this encounter in my mind, never truly feeling good about it. She was so curious about me and this next chapter in my life. I mean, I was moving to Paris!! She was so excited for me.

I burned through the pleasantries and had that conversation wrapped up so fast, I can still see her head spinning, (even mine was). I can still see the look on her face. I believe she was surprised and confused to be treated like that by me.

But good on me, right? I bounced out of there and moved on with my list - check, check, check!

That non-value-based belief of hurry-up - don’t waste time, drove me outta there like a bat-outta-hell; and though I can’t speak for her because I don’t truly know her experience of it, I do imagine that it left her feeling unimportant at the very least. I don’t get that moment back and neither does she.

I was so disconnected from myself; I was driven by those non-v.b.b.’s, telling me to ‘Move it’. ‘Move on.’ Absolutely disregarding this fellow human being who was genuinely caring for me on my journey.

There is Enough Time...

Don’t fret, Darlin'. I’m here to tell you that it’s o.k. to chill.

Of course there was enough time for me to stop, and connect with her and share an authentic moment between two lovely humans. If I would’ve dropped the non-v.b.b. of always needing to rush, and instead, encompass the Value-Based beliefs that tell us we have all the time we need, and we are worth taking that time, then I imagine I would’ve really enjoyed that moment with her AND still would’ve gotten to the tasks on my list because - say it with me-


Have you ever noticed that when you are so present with something, time moves so slowly? Think about when you've been doing something you don’t want to be doing - a task at work for example, or standing in line in a grocery store. Whatever 'it' is for you, can you notice that it felt like it tooook foooorrrreeevvveerrrr? That's it! That’s actually the sweet spot! That’s you so present to time.

So just imagine, feeling that span of time in the ‘lighter moments’ of life. Those moments when you truly want more. It’s already there, Babe. When you are present and connected, it’s as if time doesn’t exist. (I’ll save that one for another time.) Please trust, you are abundant in time.

It’s in those connected moments that we feel the reality of infinity.

Shift Lack Mentality to Abundant Mindset...

Often people think that Abundance just means money. Oh la la, abundance includes all ‘things’, my dear.

Time, people, friends, opportunities, ideas, experiences…

What else can you think of?

For me the list continues. It’s resources, creativity, food...

Speaking of food, as I do ;) Let’s use it as an example here - How many of you eat while watching t.v. or while driving? What if I told you that you don’t have to rush through your eating occasions? You don’t have to eat on the go, or eat it all now in fear of there not being enough (because your siblings might eat it all).

Lack mentality tells you to stash food because you don’t think there's enough for you, but trust me - there is always enough for you, and even if there ‘isn’t enough.’ I promise you, you’re o.k. Because there is always enough!

Once you shift from lack mentality into an abundant mindset, there is no reason to worry or fear; you see, there really is more than enough.

We are so blessed to live in a time of absolute abundance. We have stores, we have delivery at the push of buttons; we have refrigerators. You can throw food away, you can save it for later. You even have an abundance of choices! How exciting is that?!

Welcome to your abundance mindset! We don’t have to smash our tasks together in fear of never getting them finished. We can actually enjoy each moment so much more deeply when we show up calmly, focused, and mindful.


Imagine greeting your meal in calmness, in peace, without pressure. You will taste it like never before. Your body will absorb the nutrients like never before. In this state of rest and digest, all is easy, kind, gentle, enjoyable. Your body will actually be satisfied.

When you feel complete with your meal, you then take that calm with you; you can move into listening to that podcast and when you are truly in this podcast, you hear it. You hear the nuggets of wisdom, the jokes, the stories. You truly hear the knowledge you are meant to hear in that moment because you are there - connected, not scattered.

Then you can peacefully leave this podcast and continue into the next moments of your life with ease and grace because you lead with that abundant mindset knowing that you don’t have to hustle and grasp at lists, food, tasks or time.

Life is Endless Oppurtunities...

In fact, you don’t even have to grasp at opportunities or experiences because, guess what, there is an abundance of those too!

A very wise, magical woman made me aware of this with her words describing a profound moment at a phenominal Cenote:

‘I actually don’t feel a need to SAVOUR this beautiful moment of bliss… as if it’s about to expire.’ She admits that in the past she would have had, ‘An urgent need to SOAK IT ALL IN FOR ALL IT’S WORTH BECAUSE MOMENTS LIKE THIS ARE RARE AND SOON I’LL REVERT BACK TO REALITY.’ (K. Athanas)

In her abundant mindset, she knows that there are more fabulous moments like this to come. She’s not frantic to squeeze every drop of bliss out of this moment. There’s no need - There will always be more! There is no going back to reality, for each day, each experience IS her reality.

These experiences in this life surround her. They surround you too.

‘The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.’

'White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland'

By participating in presence, it’s as if we create more time. It unfolds and appears continuously. Like this, you don’t have to revisit your ‘tasks’ because you can’t remember if you delivered the message or not. You were clear, you were in it and thorough. You get to move on into your life in that state of steady calm.

With an abundant mindset, there is no need for multitasking.

Remember, you have all the time you desire. How do you want to participate?

All this to say, Sugar Bear, that we don’t have to rush through experiences, conversations or eating occasions.

We don’t have to grip onto them either in fear that they won’t return. Appreciate them, yes, they are magic, but loosen that grip, allow for more.

When we are in a mindset of abundance, we know and trust that all exists always, in all-ways.

I encourage you to take a breath of reassurance, trusting that you have all you need.

Take your time, gurl. Smell those roses. Taste the rainbows. Enjoy your journey.

Welcome, to your Abundant Mindset!

With big love,

~ C. xx

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