How Do I Get Happy? A List of 10 Happy Tips.

Updated: Mar 5

Wait! Someone out there has compiled a list of 10 tips that will make us happy?

Like check off each item and, BAM, there you have it- you’re now officially happy?

I mean, I love a good list and all, however this seems a-little-too-broad.

For starters, we are all so similar as humans, yet so individually unique. Never would I ever expect that the things that make you happy are the same things that make me happy.

Some people love dogs licking their faces. Nooot this girl; keep it to yourself, pup!

Some people are happy eating octopus legs - Yep, I’ve seen it before. That guy was in heaven!!! Gives me the heebeegeebees in my tummy - different strokes for different folks, right?

A Few of My Favourite Things...

There are many things that bring happiness to me; to my day. Some seem trivial and others perhaps a bit deeper, but that’s the thing - happiness ingredients are unique to each of us.

Is it finding a pair of stellar shoes for a screamin’ deal, (in my size)! Damn straight! Swimming? Yepper! Am I happy when all the stars align and I see wild animals livin’ their best life on my family’s farm? Bald eagles, sleeping foxes and the teeny tiny baby cows kickin’ up their heels at dusk!? YUSSS!

For me that is raw and pure realness, and I always feel completely blessed to be in the right place at the right time to witness it. A delightful surprise every time which follows me through my day.

Those are some of the ingredients to my happiness.

For others that I know, it’s greeting the day with 3 focused, cleansing breaths before even opening his eyes and hugging at least 1 tree each day. My cousin loves to swing at the playground. Said cousin is 41, and this is her happiness. I mean, what’s yours; do you know?

We Stumble ~ We Don’t Have to Crumble...

Am I happy when my flight home is cancelled and I’m not sure when I’ll get back because of Covid tests and limited seats? Mmmm, I’m definitely not jumping for joy in these moments. Am I happy when my mom is diagnosed with a brain tumor on Christmas eve? No joke; that happened. It definitely made me take pause and reflect; and I can honestly say that I felt disappointment, sadness and some fear to begin with.