Why Self-Compassion Doesn't Always Work

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

There's another NECESSARY element needed to make LASTING LIFE CHANGES.

I remember when I found mindfulness & self-compassion. It was like a weight had lifted and I instantly had permission to live in peace. But then - it happened again. The binging, the restricting, the yo-yo dieting. I thought I had healed: Why was I still self-sabotaging?

I eventually realized that I needed a destination - of my own making - to anchor my journey.

If you've arrived at a place in your journey where you're absolutely ready to start loving yourself, and perhaps you've been doing "the work", but feel like there's still something missing - know that you're SO close, but another SHIFT might be necessary. For myself, and for many of my clients, this shift in perspective has less to do with "just loving yourself" and instead focus on how you can love your life again. This process takes some good questioning, some creative exploration, and a whole lot of vulnerable truth.

Reclaim Your Value-Based Identity

Without a clear picture of where you're going and what genuinely makes you happy in life (removing food from the vision entirely) - you'll likely resort back to unhealthy, disconnected eating habits. This isn't ONLY a journey to retrain your mind or your stomach so that you can return to a "healthy weight." This is a journey back to YOU and you're most authentic self.