Mind Body Beauty

The 6-Week Intensive Experience That Changes the Way You Think & Feel About Food...Forever.

This is my signature program. It’s where I give you all the tools, processes and new beliefs that helped me overcome my old, binge/restrict patterns with food and literally reprogrammed and rewired the way my whole body responds to food. 

Over 6 weeks with me (online) I’ll take you through a structured rediscovery process that enables you to let go of fear around food & rediscover the easy and joy in only ever responding to gut hunger - properly.

We’ll dive into the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from appropriately caring for honouring your hunger & satiety, and rewrite the script. You'll leave with a new relationship to food - and most importantly, a deeper connection to yourself. 

ATTENTION: Career dieters, emotional eaters & health perfectionists...

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Relearn your body's innate intelligence around food & rediscover the truth in "hunger". Experience a proven (under the radar) approach to rewire your emotions & behaviours around food - forever. 

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6-Week Intensive with Kiki

​White-glove mentorship to break free from your unique struggles.

  • 6 one-on-one sessions with Kiki (scheduled to your preference).

  • 6-weeks worth of course materials which you can complete on your own schedule.

  • 12-month access to the FULL Mind-Body-Beauty online portal (filled with lecture videos, guest expert sessions, interactive worksheets, meditations, & more).

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DIY Self-Study Option

This is the price-sensitive option for those in-need of the information to breakfree from out-out-order eating, but can't commit financially to in-person sessions with Kiki.


In the DIY option, you get:

  • 6-weeks worth of course materials which you can complete on your own schedule.

  • 12-month access to the FULL Mind-Body-Beauty online portal (filled with lecture videos, guest expert sessions, interactive worksheets, meditations, & more)

Krisztina S.

When I started the Mind Body Beauty program with Kiki I was in a really bad cycle of eating, yoyo-ing weight, anxiety and feeling unwell. I masked my symptoms with pills and never really dug deeper into my problems around food. Kiki's insightful teachings helped me understand the connection between my mind and my gut. I have now ditched my pills and using Kiki's tools and techniques I continue to work on myself from the inside, and I make better choices every day. This course is about so much more than Mind Body and Beauty, it's a new way of being and feeling happy in yourself. Kiki's support is fantastic, you can tell she genuinely cares about her clients. I have felt uplifted, positive and more confident after each session we had. This course has greatly impacted my life.

Shuyi J.

Kiki’s Mind Body Beauty program has given me such unexpected and amazing benefits. I did not enter this program with any severe eating issues. I knew I liked to snack and binge eat when I am stressed, but who doesn’t? But surprisingly really digging into my eating habit was a great way into resolving my stress level and my general anxiety! I’ve learned tools to listen to myself, my gut and body signals to better understand myself and where my stress and anxiety comes from. By doing this, my life has opened up to brand new opportunities, opportunities I couldn’t see before because I numbing it with food. I feel much more at ease and I am so empowered by all the lessons she taught. I highly recommend this course, even if you’re like me, and think – who doesn’t stress eat? The benefits of her program are quite astonishing.

Arielle C.

As a holistic nutritionist, I had never really resonated with the conventional principles of Intuitive Eating. But Kiki's program was anything but conventional, and provided an entirely unique and refreshing perspective on intuitive eating that TRULY MAKES SENSE. Even as a nutritionist, I had struggled with binge eating, and Kiki provided a lot of tools, exercises and perspectives that really helped me understand my tendencies from a whole-self perspective. I lost quite a bit of belly weight, and just feel so much better overall since started this program. Highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to truly connect to their intuition and tap into their inner belly wisdom!

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Next Group

November 2020

The next group collective launches Nov 16th 2020

Don't want to go it alone?


Be apart of a collective of woman moving through this journey together.


Weekly classes, "homework" (the good kind), virtual community hangs, + 1:1 coaching with Kiki.

The all-inclusive option for your transformation around how you eat & think about food. Forever.

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