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Learn a new way to eat - less thinking, more feeling.

The Ex-Perfectionist

Are You Fed Up of Feeling Fed Up With Your Eating Habits?

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I was too! But there's good news...

There's a proven (yet little-known) method to healing your gut, balancing your weight, and enjoying healthy digestion again - without rules or diets!.

This structured recording process was the exact process I used to return to a healthy weight, heal my IBS & SIBO, and finally stop stressing about what I can/cannot eat.

I teach this exact framework in an interactive 6-week 1:1 coaching experience, so that you can return to living life freely & comfortably - in a body that feels GOOD to you again!



As a holistic nutritionist, I had never really resonated with the conventional principles of Intuitive Eating. But Kiki's program was anything but conventional, and provided an entirely unique and refreshing perspective on intuitive eating that TRULY MAKES SENSE.


Even as a nutritionist, I had struggled with binge eating, and Kiki provided a lot of tools, exercises and perspectives that really helped me understand my tendencies from a whole-self perspective.


I lost quite a bit of belly weight, and just feel so much better overall since starting this program. Highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to truly connect to their intuition and tap into their inner belly wisdom!

Arielle C


Before we started I was in a horrible place.., the doctors couldn’t help my severe bloating and brushed it off. I literally thought I would be in this state forever.


NONE of my clothes fit, I felt horrible and I knew I wasn’t treating my body well, but I had tried all the things and nothing was working. I am literally shocked at where I am after our 6 weeks.


Kiki's program was LIFE CHANGING. I finally feel free from all the BS food rules I’ve been telling myself over the years, and my bloating/food “intolerances” are GONE.

Gabriella A.

Kiki reached out to me at the perfect time in my life, when I really needed some support.


I joined her Mind, Body, Beauty course and dove headfirst into a world of information about the connection between the gut, heart and mind. Kiki's course gave me a holistic perspective and the tools to work honestly with myself. Her guidance through weekly check-ins gave me support and reassurance and her attitude towards each of the members was kind and thoughtful.


This program was able to give me a piece of my life back and helped lessen my anxiety around food the idea of being perfect all the time. 10/10 would recommend for anybody who is struggling with food and anxiety and needs a gentle hand to help ground them through a transformation.

Kayla T


“Kiki's coaching on establishing an authentic connection between my mind and body has been transformational.


Her knowledge and teachings are evidence-based and her personal support has been key."

Lizelle T

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"This experience has been so eye opening for me.  Before I began working with Kiki, food ruled my life.  I thought about it constantly, what I wanted to eat, what I was going to eat instead, resenting the idea of needing to eat three times a day, hating how much time I spent thinking about food.  Going through this program, 6 weeks later, I feel in control of my thoughts around food, I enjoy my meals, but most importantly I feel more connected to myself and to my body than I have in years."

Alysha G.


"Working with Kiki was empowering and enlightening! I learned so much about myself, my intuition, my power and how to care for myself in a whole new way. I learned so many things I never thought I would use or would be beneficial to me in my everyday life.


I have so many new tools and strategies that I have been able to use in order to break free from my perfectionist lifestyle and living more to serve myself and my happiness. Kiki's guidance and patience made the process so much more empowering and exciting!."

Meg H


"It's incredibly difficult to find the right words to describe "heart explosion". My time with Kiki was transformational and a fundamental arrival point on my map of self work. I think of Kiki as a "self care coach" - she's a cheerleader, a guru, a mentor and a teacher of so many things. Her format and methodology opened up an integral connection between mind and body that I didn't know was missing."

Naomi O


"I just completed Kiki's amazing 6-week "Mind Body Beauty" online course about letting go of perfectionism around diet and body image and improving my relationship with food.


Her passionate, vibrant energy is addictive and contagious, and she truly embodies what she preaches. K


iki has given me helpful tools that I can continue to use in the future if I ever fall back into old patterns and ways of thinking."

Erin W


"Kiki is honestly the most beautiful soul who has a genuine passion for helping others step into the best version of themselves. For me a big part of this was removing some of the shackles I held on myself in terms of having to look a certain way in order to be loveable and also issues I've had with emotional eating. Kiki's course and continued guidance and support has helped me so much to get to a place of deeper self love and greater understanding of the functioning of my brain, heart and gut. This has been more than a course around eating and body image (although it did a fantastic job of that!), it's helped me feel like a more empowered and connected to myself version of me and I'm so excited to continue this growth with all the incredible tools, insights and wisdom that Kiki has provided us all with."

Monica W

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is in need of some self-love and empowerment. It will initiate a positive change towards your relationship with your body, and give yourself permission to live the healthy, happy lifestyle you deserve.

Alex Oliver


Kiki is such a light in this world; grounded, funny, loving, and real. The program she has created is truly beautiful and made it such a safe space to open up on a heavy issue. I love how she is so real and honest; she had so much wisdom to share and I really have created such positive changes in my life because of her lessons. Learning from Kiki is an absolute pleasure.

Katie G